Franchise Benefits

Franchising is a  Method to Grow Your Business

Let’s say you have created a unique business in a market niche that hasn’t even been thought of.  You want to expand, but you do not have the capital.  Franchising may be the right approach for you.

There are many advantages to franchising your concept,  but the primary benefits are:

        • Rapid Growth at a Lower Cost
        • Staffing Growth by Franchisees
        • Greater Brand Recognition
        • Higher Unit Sales Potential
        • Group Buying Power
        • Brand Leverageman-business-owner

Let’s face it in today’s market the primary barrier to expansion is lack of capital.  Loans from banks are scarce and even if you find a loan,  the collateral placed against the loan is quite risky.  Franchising your business places the franchisee as the investor of your brand allowing for rapid expansion.  And since the franchisee is accountable for the survival of their business, the success rate is much greater.

So now you are wondering if your business is ready to franchise.

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